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Quality Tree Removal and Stump Grinding Services in Lincoln County

A Variety of Tree Services

Tree Topping

Want that giant tree topped to allow some sunshine into your property? Our strategic tree topping services are safe and can help you meet your unique needs. Discuss with our tree specialists to find out if topping is the right choice for your tree!

Tree Trimming

Just like hair, regular trimming is fundamental to ensuring a graceful, natural shape of your trees. We provide specialized tree trimming services that can help improve tree growth, ensure safety, and prolong the life of your trees!

Stump Grinding

A stump that remains intact after having a tree removed is not only unsightly but can also cause accidents. Count on our professional crew to safely and quickly grind the unwanted stumps into wood mulch and leave your garden looking flawless!

Lot Clearing

Whether you want to get a lot cleared for new construction or just want to give the outdoors of your shop a clean and tidy appearance, we can help! We take care of everything, from shrubs and trees to stumps, with minimal effect on your property or land.


We carry a large stock of firewood for sale across Lincoln City and the neighboring areas.  Keep the fires in your wood stoves and fireplaces clean and long-lasting with our quality, well-seasoned firewood. Call us to get your stock delivered today!

Tree Removal

Trees are assets, but they can turn into a liability when damaged, diseased, or dangerously located. When this happens, let Charlie Tree Service be your first choice for safe and quick removal. We are also available for your emergency removal needs around the clock!

Safe Tree and Stump Removal Services

Looking for professionals who can safely remove unwanted trees from your lawn? Call Charlie Tree Service at 541-994-3539 for FREE estimates today! Whether you want tree trimming or stump grinding services, you can trust our professionals to get the job done right.

We use high-end equipment to provide you with outstanding tree services you’re sure to love. We’re fully insured, bonded and licensed for your convenience. Contact us today!

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Charlie Tree Service has been serving Lincoln City and Lincoln County since 1994. We use high-end equipment to provide top-notch tree services.

Our competitively priced services are fast and reliable. We are a licensed, bonded and insured company.

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